Clean Lean Protein


Clean Lean Protein        10 Sachets Box
Clean Lean Protein
About the Product

NuZest Clean Lean Protein is our go to natural plant-based protein. It is an all natural, 100% vegetable protein isolate sourced from European grown Golden Peas. It is a signature product of New Zealand owned company NuZest (a specialist in superior natural food supplements).

NuZest Clean Lean Protein has up to 90% protein content. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, is low fat, low carb and has a very high digestion rate of 98%, making it easier for our bodies to absorb all the goodness. It’s not only the world’s most potent vegetable protein – it’s the only non-acidic protein available on the planet with a pH of 7.8.

Protein helps build strength, is essential to repair tissue and muscles, supports energy levels and weight control, and also plays a part in managing our mood.

For the vegetarians, vegans and our friends with food allergies or intolerances, NuZest Clean Lean Protein is free of GMO’s, artificial flavours, artificial colours, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, and nuts.

We love NuZest Clean Lean Protein because it leaves you feeling fuller for longer, healthier, and is great for managing weight loss. It also tastes good, and doesn’t have the bloating or clogged after effects that some whey based proteins have.

How to Use

Mix 1 or more scoops daily of NuZest Clean Lean Protein depending on your requirements (1 scoops = 10-11g protein, 2 scoops = 20-22g protein) in a glass or shaker with your choice of liquid – water (for the super clean) or milk (rice/oat/almond/soy etc) or juice. You can also add to your favourite morning smoothie or muesli, or try adding to a healthy batch of energy balls, or health bars.

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