Sleep Drops Menzzz 30ml

$50.00 $42.00

Sleep Drops Menzzz 30ml
Sleep Drops Menzzz 30ml

$50.00 $42.00

About the Product

Sleep Drops Menzzz

SleepDrops Menzzz is a professionally formulated sleep support remedy for men who have trouble sleeping & wake in the night to pee

  • Going to sleep faster
  • Getting back to sleep faster
  • Urinary system including frequency & volume control
  • Prostate health and libido
  • Overactive mind at bed time or during the night
  • Night time worries and bedtime overwhelm
  • Poor sleep quality sleep

Support for
• Having trouble going to sleep
• Having trouble getting back to sleep if waking during the night
• Urinary system (waking in the night to urinate)
• Prostate health
• Low libido or sexual problems
• Poor sleep quality sleep

• Natural support for a more relaxed and restful sleep
• Remedies to support kidney & bladder function
• Remedies for prostate health and libido
• Easy to take drops which can be taken as and when needed during the night
• Great for travelling or shift-work
• Can be taken alongside other prostate and libido support products, SleepDrops remedies and medications

How to Use

Take 5 drops under the tongue immediately before turning out the light.
Take up to 3 additional doses for extra support as needed.

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