Radiance Pro-B Probiotic Baby Drops

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Radiance Pro-B Probiotic Baby Drops        8ml
Radiance Pro-B Probiotic Baby Drops

$32.00 $27.00

About the Product

Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops was developed to help support the growth and development of beneficial gut flora populations, even through adversity!

Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops provide Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12®, a well-documented, stable and effective, dairy-free probiotic with proven safety, manufactured in Europe to the highest standards.

Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops with BB-12® are clinically shown to support:

  • healthy gut flora populations in infants who are born by caesarian
  • healthy stool consistency and frequency
  • a healthy resistance to tummy bugs
  • babies with tummy troubles and irritability
  • healthy immune development and function
  • a healthy resistance to ills and chills
  • a balanced immune response
  • a favourable environment for the absorption of nutrients

Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops provides the clinically researched, infant dose of BB-12® in an easy to use, fridge free, oil drop format. Radiance® Pro-B® Baby Drops do not contain any superfluous ingredients such as silicon dioxide, sweeteners or flavours and uses only vitamin E and citric acid as preservatives.

How to Use

Shake well and administer six drops once a day directly in the mouth, in breastmilk or in the formula.

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