Radiance Hormone Balance

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Radiance Hormone Balance

$64.00 $53.00

About the Product

Radiance Hormone Balance Diindolylmethane 75mg (formerly ‘DIM’) provides the enhanced delivery system and scientific validation of premium quality BioResponse DIM, a unique formulation containing bioavailable diindolylmethane; a compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. BioResponse DIM has been shown to support normal, healthy oestrogen metabolism & healthy oestrogen metabolite ratios; a function important for both men and women, particularly for the health of breast, uterus, prostate and other reproductive tissues.

Oestrogen imbalance is a major contributor to symptoms associated with abnormal tissue growth of the breast and reproductive system and unhealthy prostate glands. In fact, medical research shows these midlife concerns may not be due entirely to oestrogen itself, but to problems with oestrogen metabolism. Leading experts have discovered natural nutrients that help the body restore oestrogen balance. One such nutrient, diindolylmethane, actually helps maintain healthy oestrogen metabolism when it’s consumed in a highly absorbable form such as is provided by Radiance DIM.

Scientific research shows diindolylmethane increases the level of “good” oestrogens – 2-hydroxy-oestrogen (2-OHE1) while reducing the level of “bad” oestrogens – 16-hydroxy-oestrogen (16a-OHE1).


Usage of Radiance Hormone Balance Diindolylmethane 75mg is indicated for both men and women, especially those with a predisposition to oestrogen dominance and hormone reactive cancers such as breast or prostate cancer. Also women with premenstrual tension. Menstrual or menopausal problems. Promotes fat loss. Supports healthy breast, cervical, uterine and prostate tissues. Increase the level of good oestrogens (2-hydroxyoestrogen) while reducing the level of bad oestrogens (16-hydroxyoestrogen).

How to Use

Women: Two to four capsules daily with food.
Men: Two to four capsules twice daily with food.
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