Blis K12 Travel Protect Vanilla 24 Lozenges

$21.00 $18.00

Blis K12 Travel Protect Vanilla 24 Lozenges
Blis K12 Travel Protect Vanilla 24 Lozenges

$21.00 $18.00

About the Product

Blis K12 Travel Protect

  • TravelProtect contains BLIS K12™, a specific strain of Streptococcus salivarius that produces antimicrobial substances that target the pathogens associated with ear, nose, and throat infections.
  • BLIS K12™ supports your immune defences by crowding out bad bacteria in your oral cavity and re-populating it with good bacteria.
  • Taken as directed before and during travel, TravelProtect can boost your immunity and help defend your immune system when travelling.
  • It defends against airborne germs and bacteria during travel.

How to Use:

  • 24hr before travel: Take 4 x Pre-Travel lozenges within 1 hour.
  • During & after travel: Take 1 x Maintenence lozenge every 2-3 hours.
  • Repeat on return travel.
  • If you are planning on sleeping during your journey, take 2 before you go to sleep and another 2 on waking. Take a maximum of 8 lozenges per day.
  • Use as directed, if symptoms persist or you have an immune compromised condition, seek your doctor’s advice.
  • Do not take at the same time as antibiotics.
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