Artemis Itch Calm Oral Liquid

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Artemis Itch Calm Oral Liquid        200ml
Artemis Itch Calm Oral Liquid

$48.00 $40.00

About the Product

Artemis Itch Calm Oral Liquid is a traditional non-steroidal recipe for easing skin discomfort. Soothes hot and irritated skin, insect bites and sunburn, and supports the normal cleansing and functioning of your skin. With fresh organic medicinal herbs for maximum benefit.

The reasons for skin irritation can go beyond the obvious bites or stings. Itch Calm Oral Liquid supports the underlying cause of skin irritation. Often weakened kidney or digestive function can present as red, itchy or irritated skin. This traditional plant medicine formula offers important nutrients to support the cleansing of irritants. 

Artemis Itch Calm Oral Liquide are up to 6 times stronger than any other product in the NZ market, holding the maximum herbal content possible. Great for sunburn, eczema, dermatitis, insect bites & irritated skin.

How to use 

Dose:            Acute: 1-2 weeks           Upkeep: 6 weeks minimum
Adult 10ml, up to 4x daily 5ml, 2x daily
6-12yrs 5ml, up to 4x daily 2.5ml, 2x daily
2-6yrs 2.5ml, up to 4x daily 1.5ml, 2x daily


An initial aggravation of symptoms can occur. This indicates inner cleansing. If reaction is severe, lower the dosage. If irritation continues for more than 5 days, discontinue use.

For best results: Take the Initial Onset dose for a minimum of 3 weeks. Use in conjunction with the Itch Calm Cream. The healing process is supported with well functioning kidneys, consider Kidney Cleanse Tea for additional support.

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