Artemis Digestive Ease Tea


Artemis Digestive Ease Tea        60g
Artemis Digestive Ease Tea
About the Product

Artemis Digestive Ease Tea is a traditional recipe for soothing and settling the stomach after meals or anytime.

 Artemis Digestive Ease Tea:
  • Supports the proper digestion of food
  • Settles indigestion and stomach disorders
  • Neutralises over-acidity naturally
  • Warming and soothing
  • Suitable for adults, children and babies

How to use

As a digestive support, take when needed. Drink after food for supporting healthy digestion and mitigating indigestion. It can be taken anytime when experiencing digestive discomforts. For a full course take 3 cups per day for 6 weeks. Can be taken longer for maintenance.

For infants and babies with digestive unease:
Infants: 5ml of made up tea 3 times a day
6-12 months old: 10ml of made up tea 3 times a day
Over 12 months old: 20-30ml of made up tea 3 times a day

Give ARTEMIS Digestive Ease Tea directly to the baby as per How to Uses. If the mother is breastfeeding it is recommended that she drinks ARTEMIS Digestive Ease Tea as well. She may additionally need to readjust her diet to suit the needs of her baby.ARTEMIS St John’s Wort Oil rubbed clockwise onto the stomach of the baby helps further to ease digestive unease.

In morning sickness:
Take a cup whenever needed. For best results sip 3 cups a day up to 5 cups a day.

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